Four Ways to Treat Cradle Cap

Cradle cap treatment

How to remove cradle cap at home?

Cradle cap or crib cap is a common, harmless condition which causes extremely thick and flaky skin on a baby’s scalp. It’s most common in babies up to 3 months old, but may last up to year on longer.

Cradle cap is usually found on the head. Sometimes, it also affects the skin under the eyebrows or on the nose, armpits, or groin. The yellow or white flakes may either be dry or greasy.

The condition mostly resolves in its own and it’s not medically necessary to get rid of it. But if you are too keen on removing it, there are a few safe methods you can use at home. Most remedies will have to be deployed repeatedly, and someday your child will simply grow out of developing cradle cap.

Brush the scalp

Gently brushing the scalp once a day gets rid of some flakes. This has to be done carefully as to not to pick or scrape at the flakes. You can do this on wet or dry hair. Special brushes are available to deal specifically with cradle cap. These have very soft bristles.

Hydrate the scalp

Hydrating the scalp by applying a thin layer of oil loosens flakes. Gently massage baby oil or any pure plant based oil, such as olive, coconut, jojoba, or almond oil for about a minute. Leave oil to soak in for about 15 minutes. Wash with a gentle baby shampoo. Do this once a day.

Maintain hair hygiene

Shampooing the baby’s hair is an effective way of diminishing the appearance of cradle cap. Stick to baby shampoo unless the pediatrician advises a dandruff shampoo. To use this method, wet the hair and scalp. Massage shampoo gently and rinse. Just be cautious to not to get the shampoo into baby’s eyes.

Local application of prescription creams

In case above remedies fail, your pediatrician may prescribe antifungal, hydrocortisone, or zinc cream.


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